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Hurricane Prep

Savannah Hamby - Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Have you ever searched for something in your home that you were certain you had on hand, only to end up never finding it? Add this frustration to not being able to find said item at any local store because of a potential hurricane and now you are in a full blown panic. Don’t worry, we have you covered! :-) We have a resource page on our website dedicated to hurricane preparedness and resources here, but also wanted to dive a little deeper on what exactly to have on hand and staples to keep in your home as we approach hurricane season.

Now that we are officially in hurricane season, keeping these items stocked in your home is a crucial step in being prepared! You will notice that most items are low to no prep food items because in a state of emergency, these are the types of food items you will need! Make sure to stock items that you and your family will actually need and use.

Food & Drinks:
-1 gallon of water per person per day
-Dry cereal
-Canned fruits and vegetables
-Energy/protein/granola bars
-Peanut Butter
-Canned beans
-Canned pasta
-Canned soups
-Canned meat
-Jarred sauce
-Instant coffee
-Non-dairy creamer

The items listed are easy no or low prep items that can be eaten without heating if needed. Most items are also non perishable, allowing you to keep them handy in the event of an emergency.

Cooking Supplies:
-Lighter fluid
-Plastic utensils
-Paper plates and bowls

-Plastic/paper cups
-Aluminum foil
-Manual can opener

While you might not need some of the items listed above if your power doesn’t go out or is only out for a few hours, they are great to have in case of longer power outages! Plastic and paper products are easily disposable, which allows you to conserve your water. Don’t forget the manual can opener!

Health & Comfort:
-First Aid supplies
-Toilet paper/Paper towels
-Soap (dish and body)
-Dry shampoo
-Baby powder
-Paper products
-Flash light
-Battery operated fan
-Portable charger
-Camping lantern
The above items are useful to have on hand during emergency situations. You may not have access to running water, which is where items like dry shampoo and wipes come in handy. Make sure battery operated items have working batteries and items that need to be charged are fully charged!

-Board games
-Coloring books
-Paper and pens/pencils
-Battery operated radio

When power outages last longer than expected, these items can help fight off boredom and keep stress levels down! It is an easy way to keep your mind busy in a stressful situation.

If Applicable:
-Baby food/formula
-Nursery water
-Pet food
-Gallon water

This list may not contain all items that you need specifically for your household to be prepared, but it is a good starting point for being ready in the event of an emergency! If you can think of anything we left off, please let us know! :-)