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We are pleased to offer you full service property management, which means we prepare for and handle every step of the application and every eventuality involved in the rental process.

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At Sloane Realty Property Management & Sales, we strive to make every interaction a five star experience. We would love to receive any feedback from the service you have received from us. Please select the button below that best describes your experience with us.

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What to Expect

If this is your first rental experience, whether as a tenant or a landlord, you probably have a lot of questions about how the process works and what you can expect. Other pages on this site have FAQ’s and other resources, but below you will find a list of at-a-glance things you can expect from your experience with Sloane Realty.

Have a Question?

As a homeowner:

  • Timely response to any querry
  • Detailed market analysis
  • Walk-through of the property
  • Assistance with identifying anything that will need to be done to get ready to rent
  • Paperwork to sign
  • Suggestions to prepping the property
  • Recommendations for insurance changes
  • Weekly marketing updates
  • Professional marketing photos
  • Listing in the MLS, Craigslist and syndicated sites
  • Showing screenings
  • In-depth application process
  • Constant updates regarding the leasing process
  • Inspection prior to move-in
  • Rent collection
  • Eviction filing (if necessary)
  • Detailed monthly statements
  • Online “conversation” function
  • Copies of all work orders in real time
  • Copies of all invoices
  • No maintenance markup
  • End of year statements
  • 1099 Misc for tax filing
  • Online portal with all documents and information on your property
  • Quick and courteous responses from all staff members
  • Annual inspection reports

Start Here

Are you thinking about buying your first home? Is it time to move to a larger house? Have you perhaps reached a point in your life when it is time to downsize? Are you considering purchasing investment property to round out your financial plan? Each transaction involved in purchasing or selling a home is as unique as the home and individuals involved, and at Sloane Realty, we relish the challenge of finding the perfect fit in each case. Each purchase or sale represents an important step in the lives of our clients, and the trust they place in us to help them with that process is not something we take lightly.

If you are considering purchasing rental property, Sloane Realty is a doubly good choice for your sales representatives. As intimately acquainted as we are with the rental market, we have partnered very successfully with investors to provide not only a sales analysis, but a rental analysis as well. We are uniquely qualified to provide information and feedback about the rental rate a property can command, the work that will need to be done to rent it, and insight into what will and won’t make a desirable rental investment. It would be our genuine pleasure to assist you with the establishment or growth of your property investment portfolio.

From our first meeting, to the closing table, we will be there to facilitate the showings, negotiate the contract, organize and schedule inspections, repairs, appraisals, and closings, research the market and help you interpret what the trends mean for you, and be a resource and a friend for you throughout the process. We aim to meticulously take care of every facet involved in the sale or purchase of your home and to provide you with confidence and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your transaction is in the best hands.

Our sales department is operated on a boutique level; there is no “one size fits all” approach to real estate. Careful, personal attention to each situation has enabled us to achieve fantastic success in Real Estate sales, regardless of market fluctuations. Finding the appropriate company to help you navigate the ever-changing process of purchasing or selling a home is as important as finding the perfect home itself (or perfect buyer!) and we will be delighted to speak to you about how we can be the right partner for you.