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Introducing Sloane Realty's Little Free Library!

Jennie Hunt - Friday, February 22, 2019
Property Management Blog

One of our values at Sloane Realty is to “do right”, which in part means giving back to our community. Filled to the brim with books, we wanted to give our tenants, owners, and random passersby the opportunity to explore new worlds through the pages of a good novel! Our library, located right outside our office, holds a lot of different books, from children’s books, to cookbooks, to the Game of Thrones series; there is a little bit of something for everyone! If you don’t like the selection we have in our outdoor Little Free Library, then we encourage you to come inside and check out our “Little Free Library” shelf, where we have even more to choose from. Come by and grab yourself a book; maybe take it to the beach and spend a day reading a story you would’ve otherwise never known about! We also ask that you consider donating books you have on your shelf that may or may not be collecting dust (we know how that goes). You never know - the books you donate could really make someone’s day!