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Are You Seeing Swarming Termites?

Savannah Hamby - Monday, June 13, 2022
Property Management Blog

The weather is getting warmer, and we are finally getting the rainfall we so desperately needed!  The warm weather brings beach days, outside activities, pool parties and more, but did you know that the rain mixed with warm weather also brings termite swarming season? That’s right! As alarming as this sounds, there is good news: these termites don’t necessarily mean damage to your property!


Termites typically mean bad news. However, these types of termites, called “swarmers,” mean no harm to you and your home. They have no biting or chewing capabilities. They are more active in warmer climates and are trying to establish their new colony, just like ants or bees. The swarming termites can mostly be found near moisture or lights. They typically only stay around for a couple of hours, though they can stay for days. If they cannot find moisture, they typically die within a couple of hours. If you notice they haven’t moved within a week or two, you may need to call in the professionals.

Tips for coping with swarming termites:
Turn off exterior lights as much as possible–since they are attracted to bright lights this may help keep them away from your property.
Ammonia based cleaners will help deter them.
Reduce the amount of moisture in or surrounding your home–make sure there is no standing water or excess moisture in gutters, drains, or other areas surrounding your home.

You do want to make sure the termites don’t stay, because that is when problems could eventually occur. Taking the above measures to protect your home will help alleviate future problems.