Potential Charges

If you return the home to us un-cleaned or with items missing or broken, here are some of the charges you could be facing.

(Please note. This is not an all-inclusive list; you may be charged for items not listed. The prices indicated are approximate prices only. If the actual expense for cleaning/repairs/replacement of an item is higher, you will be responsible for the higher cost.)


Carpets: $100-$135. $160+ if it is determined that pet urine is present. The urine treatment is charged per gallon and specific to each situation

Interior: $0.18-$0.20 per square foot.


Carpet Repairs: $250 per repair

Trash Removal: $30/man hour + 60/truck load

Painting: Starts at $150 per room Please do not patch the walls. If you patch the walls, we will have to repaint. We do not repaint all walls at each turnover; we only paint those walls that need to be painted. Do not “touch up” the walls unless you are a skilled painter. Touching up the walls usually results in a polka-dotted effect that also requires repainting.

Tile Floors: $75 per repair

Holes in Wall(s): Starts at $150

Roach/Flea Spraying: Starts at $65 per treatment (up to three treatments may be required)

Yard work: $75

Yard cleanup: starts $175


Window Glass: $35

Patio Glass Door: $600

Patio Screen: $85

Window Screen: $75

Lost Mailbox Key: $35

Lost Garage Opener: $50

Smoke Detector: $25

Mini-blinds: $45

Vertical Blinds: $150

Ice Tray: $10

Crisper Cover: $75

Refrig Rack/Shelf: $95

Garbage Disposal: $325

Light Fixture: $90

Light Bulb: $15

Counter Top: $450 - $300 depending on material

Door Stopper: $15

We will provide you with actual receipts for all expenses deducted from your deposit. Any disputes regarding your deposit need to be submitted to Sloane Realty in writing within 30 day of the date of the disbursement letter.

We want your move-out experience to be a pleasant one. Please return the home to us clean and move-in ready. If you require assistance in arranging for any necessary cleaning or repairs, please contact our office; we are happy to help you find the required vendors.