Move-Out Guidelines

To prevent unnecessary deductions from your security deposit, please use this guide for checking out of your home. Please note: It is nearly impossible for this document to anticipate and address every potential situation. As such, this list is not all­inclusive; it is merely a guide for your convenience.

  1. Pay any unpaid rent, late charges and other miscellaneous charges against your account.
  2. Once notice has been given to Sloane Realty, the property will be advertised. Please be ready for showings and maintain the property in a show­ready condition.
  3. Once the time has come to vacate, please remove all personal belongings. Double­check all kitchen cabinets, refrigerator, attics, storage spaces, and closets. (Any item left behind becomes the property of Sloane Realty LLC and will be disposed of. You will be responsible for any expense incurred by the removal.)
  4. Clean interior (Have carpets professionally cleaned, mop vinyl/wood floors, dust ceiling fan blades, baseboards, mini blinds & window sills, clean light globes. Please refer to our POTENTIAL CHARGES and CLEANING LIST)
  5. Replace blown/missing light bulbs and light fixture globes.
  6. Replace smoke detector(s) batteries.
  7. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, sweep out the garage & walkways.
  8. Return all keys (including garage door openers, pool keys, clubhouse, and gate keys) to Sloane Realty once you move out. You will be charged for each key not returned. (Return of keys signifies you have turned property back to Sloane Realty. Your financial obligation continues until you have returned your keys and left the house.
  9. Sloane Realty has 30 days to return your deposit. Please do not count on your deposit being returned earlier.
  10. The deposit will be disbursed equally to all tenants on the lease. If there is a change in the amounts going to each tenant, it is up to the tenants to notify Sloane Realty. Notification must be in writing.
  11. You must provide your forwarding address or the deposit shall be sent to the previous address.