Early Move-Out Policy

If a tenant decides to vacate a property early a couple of policies can take effect.

  1. If the vacating tenant is one roommate out of a group and the other roommates are remaining in the property:
    • The remaining roommates are still completely responsible for the original rent amount.
    • If there is a dispute regarding amounts owed it is between the tenants; Sloane Realty will not be able to mediate.
    • Security Deposit is never disbursed until the property is turned back over to Sloane Realty.
    • The departing roommate needs to settle the disbursement of the deposit with his or her former roommates. Sloane Realty should be informed in writing regarding the proper split.
    • Remember: Each person that signed the lease is fully responsible for the terms of the lease. This includes any damage done to the home after the departing roommate leaves.
    • If the remaining roommate(s) would like to introduce a new roommate to the property, that roommate must be approved by Sloane Realty and will need to complete the application process.
    • Sloane Realty may require the group of roommates to sign a new lease.
  2. If the property is completely vacated and turned back over to Sloane Realty:
    • The tenants owe rent until the original end of the lease or until Sloane Realty can find new tenants for the property. Sloane Realty has an active obligation to find new tenants.
    • There are no fees for terminating a lease early but there are some expenses that the tenant assumes responsibility for:
      • Advertising: Tenant owes $15 per week when the property is advertised. If the tenant decides to remain in the house and Sloane Realty has not found a new tenant, the original tenant still owes for the advertising.
      • Re­Keying: Sloane Realty re­keys the property between tenants, for which the departing tenant assumes responsibility.
      • Setup/Leasing Fee: This fee is determined by and defined in the management agreement.
    • Tenant is responsible for maintaining the yard and providing utilities until the property is re­rented. If the tenant does not do this on their own, Sloane Realty will do so and deduct from the tenants’ security Deposit.